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Our investment program provide investors to earn up to 19.5% profit within 30 days with very low risk and the benefit of high security.

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We offer a 10% affiliate payout which allows you to earn extra commisions by referring other people to join our program.

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We provide twice a month ROI payout to all our investors. In addition, all withdrawal are done instantly.

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About B-Infinity...

B-Infinity is an investment program and crowdfunding designed to provide investors to be part of a great community and receive the best support the cryptocurrency market can offer. Through years of extensive experience in short to long term investments, we bring you the most reliable and proven investment oppurtunity. We strive to create a cryptocurrency community with a focus on investment in financial technologies and its various software applications. Our program is also backed by businesses in cryptocurrencies trading, alternative coin mining, and other related industries throughout southeast asia to provide sustainable growth.

B-Infinity operates in both regulated and unregulated markets. Unregulated does not mean an absence of financial laws. It means that in some countries the law makers are still looking into Cryptocurrencies as an alternative asset. In contrast, the United States Internal Revenue Service recognize Bitcoin as a DIGITAL COMMODITY in the USA. In RUSSIA, Cryptocurrencies is a legal asset and also as DIGITAL COMMODITY. There already push to market crypto currency technology in Africa. B-Infinity is now pushing the market cryptocurrencies technologies through southeast Asia.

We see the lack of laws as the opportunity to voice our opinions on the matter before a law is passed in unregulated markets, that means we need to work with government agencies where we operate. We are in it for the long term with products like payment gateway, coin exchange, coin swaps, ATMs - network security software. This is a real push to send crypto currencies as an investment vehicle, as a store of value into the mainstream. Cryptocurrencies is the at the forefront of all this.

Privacy Policy

Under no circumstances, B-Infinity will disclose personal information of its users or send it to some third parties. Also we do not send information regarding your profits to local fiscal authorities of your country even having official request from them (we can do it only if you wish). The only information that is displayed publicly is current deposit statistics, which may includes deposit's date and time, amount and username of the participants.


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